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What They Are Saying About the FY 18-19 Budget


"The Buckeye Institute applauds Governor Kasich and Director Mohr for using evidence-based policy proposals for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) budget. Overwhelming evidence shows that low-level criminal offenders who are rehabilitated locally are less likely to commit future crimes because they remain engaged in their communities, and--more importantly--are not picking up bad habits from more hardened and violent criminals in prison. The budget introduced today takes a step forward in keeping our neighborhoods safer, reducing government spending, and allocating resources to local communities to combat the epidemic of drug addiction."

Daniel J. Dew, Criminal Justice Fellow, The Buckeye Institute


"I am excited to see the Kasich Administration is investing resources back into Ohio's communities where we can effectively manage and treat addicted Ohioans."

Veronica Perry, President, The Ohio Chief Probation Officers Association


"Our work with crime survivors has shown that they firmly believe that criminal justice priorities should focus on rehabilitation and community supervision. The proposals in the Governor's budget reflect that. They will make for a safer state and be more cost effective. That's a win-win for crime survivors and taxpayers."

Robert Rooks, Vice President, Alliance for Safety and Justice


"We are very grateful to Governor Kasich for preserving the DYS budget for our youth who have become involved in the juvenile justice system. Investing the dollars in our youth at this stage not only saves money in the long run, but it will also save the lives of our precious young people."

Eve Stratton, Former Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio


"The Governor's budget recommendation is a statement of recognition of the good things that the Department has done for Ohio's youth, families, and communities."

David Stucki, Chair, Governor's Council on Juvenile Justice


"We are grateful to the Governor for his continued support of the Bridges program and Ohio's young people. By securing this funding, we can implement an innovative program, based on best practices we know will change the status quo and give foster youth better opportunities to succeed."

Mark Mecum, Director, Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies


"Madison County was fortunate enough to be awarded the MARCS grant and we have seen an incredible improvement in our communications, both in the building as well as with interoperability. We had a large fire a couple of months ago and for the first time communication did not hinder our ability to execute our jobs."

Bill Houk, Fire Chief, Jackson Township, Madison County


"At a time when Ohio faces the most significant drug abuse problem in its history with the opioid epidemic crippling individuals, families and our state, it is important that our courts have access to every tool available to combat this scourge. I applaud Gov. Kasich's initiative and, as I have in the past, support expanding access to this critical tool."

Justice Maureen, Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court


"Ohio's ongoing commitment to the men and women who have proudly served our nation is evident in the Governor's budget. We have been asking for more money to connect Ohio veterans to their resources and benefits, especially in Toledo--an underserved area for our assistance. The Governor's new grant program will help us continue and possibly expand our services to connect more military families to benefits and resources."

Kenneth Marcum, Ohio Department Adjutant, Disabled American Veterans


"We are pleased that the administration's proposed budget continues progress made by the Department of Youth Services in helping young people whom they serve get the right treatment in the right environment. We look forward to strengthening Ohio families by working with the Governor and Ohio General Assembly on further needed efforts. Reforms that divert Ohio youth from the justice system, reduce the rates of incarceration, collecting uniform data on youth in juvenile courts, create more employment opportunities for at-risk youth and improve community safety through effective school and community based alternatives are key to making a real difference in our young peoples' futures."

Ohio Conservative Juvenile Justice Network: Evelyn Stratton, Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice; Betty Montgomery, Former Ohio Attorney General; Colonel Tom Moe, USAF (Ret), Former Director, Ohio Veteran Services; Tyler Duvelius, Ohio State Director, Christian Coalition ; Holly Nagle, Vice President Of Government Affairs, Columbus Chamber Of Commerce


"Under the Governor's leadership, Ohio has continued to create a more business friendly environment. I hear it from my clients all of the time. Streamlining the way Ohio's job creators pay municipal taxes is a win-win for business!"

S. Tyler Ryan, Financial Services Reprentative, Massmutual Financial


"The vast majority of our membership is made up of small business. Whenever we have the opportunity to cut red tape and make it easier for them for do business in this state, I say, let's do it! I support this proposal."

Brian Eliott, Chair, Brown County Chamber of Commerce


"I pay multiple taxes in multiple jurisdictions. I'll be the first to admit that the process is often tiresome and cumbersome for my business. Streamlining the way Ohio businesses pay municipal taxes will allow us to focus on running our businesses and creating jobs. I support Governor Kasich and his budget."

Greg Simpson, President, Key Transportation


"We are pleased that the Governor's Executive Budget continues to assist families with hearing impaired children under the age of 21 in purchasing hearing aids. The Ohio Department of Health's budget proposal to expand the equipment allowed to be purchased with this funding will further assist these families in obtaining the equipment that is badly needed for hearing assistance. We applaud the effort to address these unmet needs."

Dr. Stacy Weisend, Chair, Ohio Speech and Hearing Governmental Affairs Coalition


"We welcome and support the Governor's proposal to centralize and simplify the municipal income tax system for businesses. It's a huge issue for many of our member companies who operate in numerous taxing jurisdictions around the state and have to sort out all of the different city rules and regulations when it comes to paying tax on business income. We encourage the members of the General Assembly to give this municipal tax reform their full support."

Roger R. Geiger, Vice President and Executive Director, National Federation Of Independent Businesses/Ohio


"Our collaborative partners are so pleased to see Governor Kasich prioritize infant mortality reduction in his recently released budget. New funding will support efforts to help moms quit smoking, help families put their babies to sleep safely, and will fuel evidence based strategies to help prevent infant deaths in Ohio. This is squarely in line with our local strategy. I can think of no issue more worthy of investment from the State."

Ryan Adcock, Executive Director, Cradle Cincinnati




Last Updated: February 6, 2017