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What They Are Saying About Careers & College Preparation


"Someone once said education is to business as fertilizer is to farming. So what can be more basic than asking more business people to serve on school boards? I think this is plain common sense and will go a long way in making school more relevant and guiding our young people into promising careers."

Richard A. Stoff, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ohio Business Roundtable


"Ohio’s community colleges applaud Governor Kasich’s continued support of our institutions and the unique role we play in the state’s overall higher education system. We are particularly pleased to see that the Governor’s budget embraces the important role that our community colleges play in providing Ohioans with the training and skills necessary to help meet local and regional workforce needs."

Jack Hershey, President and CEO, Ohio Association of Community Colleges


"At a time when students are struggling with the costs of tuition and textbooks, Governor Kasich has shown with this budget that he is not only aware of the problem, but that he also wants to be part of the solution."

Nathan Wheeland, Junior, Ohio University


"Aside from tuition, textbook costs are among a student's biggest expenses while at college. As an Ohio student, I'm glad to see Governor Kasich's budget proposal include a way to bring textbook costs down for students."

Noah Johnson, Junior, Miami University


"It's pretty cool that Governor Kasich's budget would make Ohio the first state in the nation to find a way to lower the cost of textbooks for college students. His proposal would save me hundreds of dollars every year, which definitely helps."

Sam Colleran, Junior, Miami University


"The Ohio Chamber of Commerce supports Governor Kasich in his efforts to encourage collaboration between businesses and educators. By bringing the two together, we can more efficiently and effectively prepare Ohioans of all ages for the jobs of today and tomorrow."

Andrew E. Doehrel, President and CEO, Ohio Chamber of Commerce


"I support the governor in his effort to establish transition classes for students needing remediation while still in high school. Helping prepare students for the transition to college will greatly benefit Ohio's students, families, and colleges as doing so will free up resources to help students toward their desired career path."

Dr. David Harrison, President, Columbus State Community College


"Governor Kasich recognizes that Ohio's economic success will depend highly on having a talented, educated workforce. His priority to improve and expand Ohio's College Credit Plus program will ensure a robust pipeline of educated talent prepared for tomorrow's jobs. In doing so, these students and their families will save thousands of dollars on a college education and receive a jumpstart on the career path. But our Governor is paying equal attention and investment toward today's workers with a robust platform of workforce development initiatives to provide Ohio's working adults with rapid training leading to a high-paying career. This dual approach is what is needed to help Ohio's companies continue to grow and stay competitive."

Dr. Roy Church, President Emeritus, Lorain County Community College


"WGU - and its straight-forward, competency-based model - is an innovation whose time has come. More and more working adults want to get their college degree, but they need to do it on their own schedule. Choice has always been the strength of the American higher education system. WGU is an important option for our state, our people and our key employers."

Richard A. Stoff, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ohio Business Roundtable


"The workforce initiatives Governor Kasich has proposed in this budget reflect the state's commitment to preparing Ohioans of all ages for the jobs of today and tomorrow. By bringing businesses and educators together, we will be able to better prepare Ohioans for jobs and uphold the reputation Ohio's workforce has, as among the best in the country."

Bill Beagle, State Senator, Ohio Senate (5th District)


"Workforce development is a critical priority for our state, and the visionary proposals in Gov. Kasich's budget will prepare all Ohioans with the skills they need for careers, colleges and beyond. I am pleased to see so many of the Executive Workforce Board's recommendations in this budget, knowing they will help ensure our citizens have the ability to turn jobs into life-long careers."

Bill Reineke, State Representative, Ohio House (88th District)


"The governor is right to seek the appointment of non-voting business officials on local school boards. Doing so will increase business commitment to education reform and allow educators to better understand business needs."

Jamie Regg, Senior Executive of Communications and Infrastructure, Ge Aviation


"We appreciate the governor's efforts to recognize public libraries as continuous learning centers. By increasing awareness of the resources offered by Ohio's 251 public libraries, we will be able to help Ohioans of all ages gain access to training and skills in the areas employers are looking for."

Michelle Francis, Director of Government And Legal Services, Ohio Library Council


"The governor is right to propose the recognition of apprenticeships and credentials as pathways to high school graduation. These pathways play a very significant role at Kokosing, and by making them more easily accessible to students, we can help bridge the training gap the construction industry is currently facing."

Lori Gillett, Business Development Manager, Kokosing, Inc.


"I'm excited that the governor is continuing to encourage innovation in Ohio's classrooms through the Straight A Fund. The Straight A Fund helped the PAST Foundation build SOIL (STEM Outdoor Innovation Labs) in Ohio, which has been a great success for us and for students in across the state. With this sort of opportunity available, educators in Ohio will be able to drastically improve student achievement as well as career and college-readiness."

Dr. Annalies Corbin, CEO and President, Past Foundation


"The governor is right in his efforts to recognize apprenticeship and credentials as pathways to high school graduation. By recognizing these pathways as equally valuable, we can better prepare students for rewarding and lucrative careers in the skilled trades."

Stephen Lipster, Director, The Electrical Trades Center


"In this challenging budget environment, I'm pleased to learn about the Kasich administration's continued commitment to workforce training and social services. In particular, the decision to expand support for foster youth transitioning to adulthood is a big step forward for a population in need. Additionally, the investment in training opportunities via Ohio Youth Works will provide the experience our young people require as they prepare for the future. I'm looking forward to collaborating with Director Dungey and her team at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as we finalize another budget that will help make Ohio stronger."

Joel Potts, Executive Director, Ohio Job and Family Services Directors Association


"Despite facing a tight budget year, Gov. Kasich's education proposal does exactly what it should. The education budget modestly increases funding overall and continues support for important initiatives, like the Straight A innovation fund, Community Connectors mentorship program, and facilities funds for charter schools. At the same time, it signals the governor's continued commitment to maintain strong charter school oversight, prioritize workforce development, and support the state's EdChoice program expansion."

Chad L. Aldis, Vice President, Ohio Policy and Advocacy


"The Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS) applauds the governor's decision to ensure that business leaders are represented on the governing boards of public schools... The presence of business members on the board helps the school make connections with regional partners who routinely interact with the students and teachers bringing authenticity to the classroom."

Robin Fisher, Superintendent, Dayton Regional Stem School


"Sinclair has invested time and resources into competency-based education and the partnership with Western Governors University because CBE is a strong part of the future of higher education. CBE allows students to take the courses they need at their own pace and to get out into the job market faster. We greatly appreciate Governor Kasich's strong support of competency-based education.

Dr. Steven Johnson, President and CEO, Sinclair Community College


"In the State of Ohio, there are over 1,280,000 adults who have completed some college coursework but do not hold a degree. These former students are a source of near and medium term degree recipients who, by and large, will remain in their local communities to work and grow the economy in Ohio. Most of these adults have developed competencies in the workplace and the WGU competency-based model will provide them a flexible, affordable option to complete their degree and qualify for a better job."

Chris M. Bonnell, Director of External Relations, Western Governors University


"The Governor's focus on this issue will position our State to be more cyber secure to the benefit of our citizens and businesses. By providing these resources and focus on improving our cyber education efforts in particular, our State can take a leadership role in cyber workforce and economic development."

Richard J. Harknett, Ph.D., Head of Political Science Department, University of Cincinnati


"Governor Kasich's focus on building programs and infrastructure to commercialize Ohio's university-based technologies is exactly what is needed to effectively bridge the gulf between scientific discovery and entrepreneurial startups that create high-paying jobs for Ohio."

S. Michael Camp, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director, The Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Institute At The Ohio State University


"Congratulations to Governor John Kasich on the development of the Accelerated Completion of Technical Studies (ACTS) pilot program. The concept of ACTS is well-supported by rigorous research on a similar program, Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), developed by the City University of New York and evaluated by MDRC, a nonpartisan research firm. In New York City, ASAP nearly doubled the three-year graduation rate for community college students seeking an associate degree — an unprecedented level of success... These results are comparable to the early findings from CUNY's ASAP, suggesting that this model can make a real difference for Ohio community college students."

Robert Ivry, Senior Vice President, MDRC


"Through College Credit Plus, I have completed courses that are not available at my school, such as geology and anthropology, and it's allowed me to explore my talents and abilities. I am fulfilling my high school graduation requirements and I am well into my basic college requirements. I have learned a great deal from my college instructors. My brother and I are both College Credit Plus students; this is a big financial savings because we will both be in college at the same time. By the end of this semester, my brother will be about a third of the way through a two-year degree, and I will have the equivalent of a year of college under my belt."

Lucas Clark, College Credit Plus Student, Zane Trace High School


"College Credit Plus has undoubtedly changed my life. Not only did I discover what I actually wanted to major in (chemical engineering), but I've also been able to explore areas that I never would have been able to at my high school. Without this program, I wouldn't be as prepared for the future as I am today, and I think this program should continue."

Jenna Hanning, College Credit Plus Student, Gallia Academy High School


"Cost and affordability are two important issues to students on campus. These proposals work to address the rising cost of higher education. I applaud the governor for this effort."

Patrick Roden, Student Trustee, Ohio University




Last Updated: February 13, 2017