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What They Are Saying About Healthcare Transformation


"We are pleased that Governor Kasich's budget proposal supports mining state government data systems to help find ways to create a healthier economy. Ohio States' Moms2B program aids women at high risk for infant mortality by guiding them to make healthier choices and deliver healthy, full-term infants. Interpreting big data and arming our communities with interventions that can be used to help babies in our state survive their first year of life and beyond is essential."

Dr. Steven Gabbe, CEO Emeritus, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Dr. Patricia Gabbe, Clinical Professor the Department of Pediatrics the Ohio State University and Nationwide Childrens Hospital


"Having the best quality data is absolutely central to Ohio's fight against infant death. Better, more timely, and more predictive data means that the thousands of people working to save the lives of babies will be powered to make better decisions. Private sector problems are routinely solved using complex data analytics - I applaud this move to bring that same type of solution to one of our state's most important issues."

Ryan Adcock, Executive Director, Cradle Cincinnati


"The Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers commends the Kasich Administration for its commitment to supporting a strong system of mental health and addiction services through its policies and priorities."

Larry Moliterno, President, Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers


"At first glance, we think the Department of Developmental Disabilities’ budget is exactly what individuals with disabilities and families need in this state, particularly those with complex needs. This budget proposal is one of the most thoughtful and pragmatic approaches to addressing the needs of individuals with complex needs, the needs of those who work to support individuals and families, and the need to look at how technology and efficiencies can be achieved in our field. The Ohio DD Council will support this effort and hopes these proposals are fully supported in the final version of the budget."

Carolyn Knight, Executive Director, Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council


"The initiatives in this budget are comprehensive in scope and supportive of the provider community. We are appreciative that this budget recognizes the vital role that direct support providers play in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities."

Mark Davis, President, Ohio Provider Resource Association


"This budget is a continuation of a shared commitment of this administration, providers, communities across the state, and advocates to provide meaningful change in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Ohio is proud of its high-quality system for persons with developmental disabilities."

Tom Rickels, President, The Ohio Waiver Network


"We are proud to support this budget and the continued historic commitment to the population we serve. This $122 million investment is a very real and personal commitment to tens of thousands of families across our state. We urge support to Governor Kasich’s work to improve the lives of those we serve, to recognize the hard work of those who provide services, and to continue the significant advances we have made together."

Gary Tonks, Executive Director, Arc Of Ohio


"The Values and Faith Alliance would like to thank Governor Kasich and Director Martin at the Department of Developmental Disabilities for continuing to invest in the lives, health, and happiness of individuals with developmental disabilities. This infusion of new dollars will have a direct and positive impact to individuals, families, and staff across the state. We look forward seeing the fruit of this budget, through more waivers, higher pay for the staff who provide critical support to individuals in Ohio so that they can continue to express their gifts and be valuable contributors to their communities."

Deb Lyle, President, Values and Faith Alliance


"Drug Free Action Alliance commends Governor Kasich’s budget proposals for continuing Ohio’s commitment to mental health and addiction services as well as for proposing increased taxes on tobacco products and alcohol. By continuing the state’s investments in mental health and addiction services, Governor Kasich has placed a priority on the financial, physical, and mental health of all Ohioans. Research clearly shows that when taxes on tobacco and alcohol products increase, the use of those products decreases. While some may claim these taxes harm the economy and burden those who pay the taxes, we regard this as a public health measure designed to save lives, improve the quality of life for many of Ohio’s citizens, and lower the healthcare costs of alcohol and tobacco use, which number in the hundreds of billions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "

Marcie Seidel, Executive Director, Drug Free Action Alliance




Last Updated: February 1, 2017