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What They Are Saying About Smart Mobility


"The Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce is excited to learn that a portion of I-90 has been chosen as one of three test sites for the State of Ohio’s ‘Smart Highway.’ Lake County is poised to become the next destination for transportation research and automated logistics and we are eager to work with local businesses and the governmental agencies that are driving this initiative."

Karen Tercek, President and CEO, Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber


"We applaud Governor Kasich’s priority of making Ohio a leader in transportation technology. Smart Columbus is a cornerstone of helping transportation innovation gain momentum in our state and we look forward to the advancements and opportunities that will come as a result of Ohio’s Transportation Budget."

Alex Fischer, President and CEO, The Columbus Partnership


"Governor Kasich’s proposed investments in smart infrastructure will help to further the innovative work that will be done in our region as part of the Smart Columbus initiative my administration is driving. I applaud Governor Kasich’s investments in smart mobility as these assets will benefit residents and visitors to our state and help drive our economy into the future."

Andrew Ginther, Mayor, City of Columbus


"John Kasich has been great for this region’s infrastructure and the safety and jobs it provides. His administration’s investment in the reconstruction of I-75 will improve the safety of commuters and save them millions of dollars due to less wasted time and fuel. Governor Kasich was the driving force in building the new Martin Luther King interchange on I-71. His persistence in getting that project done in record time will quicken the creation of thousands of new jobs in the expanding Uptown region. The Governor’s investment in the I-75 and I-71 corridors is vital to our regional economy because it connects us to the world economy. Greater Cincinnati exports over $24 billion in goods every year and is the 13th largest region for exporting in the United States. Governor Kasich’s investment in these corridors strengthens our economic power on the world stage. John Kasich has delivered for this region transportation network and we applaud him, most vigorously."

Mark Policinski, CEO, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments


"Governor Kasich’s investment of $12.5 billion over the last six years illustrates the importance of transportation to improving the economy as well as the quality of life for Ohioans, especially here in southeastern Ohio. Thanks to this investment and our partnership with ODOT, we now serve as a Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO). This initiative has allowed us to develop the region’s first ever Regional Transportation Plan which promotes economic vitality, mobility and safety. The recent announcement of an additional $4.5 billion investment in infrastructure puts Ohio on track to transportation leadership."

Bret Allphin, Development Director, Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District


"Home to Honda of America Mfg., Inc. and to over 50 automotive related companies, the NW 33 Innovation Corridor is poised to become a major test area for contained and on the road testing of autonomous and connected vehicles. Union County thanks Governor Kasich for his leadership in advancing smart infrastructure throughout Ohio that will ultimately provide more opportunities for our manufacturing sector to grow at a much faster pace."

Steve Stolte, Commissioner, Union County


"Central Ohio is excited for ODOT’s proposed investments in smart mobility. Whether it’s world-leading technology along our region’s corridors like the US33 Smart Mobility Corridor or the major expansion of the Transportation Research Center, all of the advanced transportation projects build on each other to leverage our region’s focus on Smart Columbus. The Ohio Smart Mobility Initiative not only improves transportation flows and safety, it strengthens our economy and reputation as an innovation hub."

William Murdock, Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission


"The recent investment commitments by The Ohio State University, Transportation Research Center, and by the state of Ohio into smart infrastructure will capitalize on Ohio’s strong base of automotive manufacturing and research and development companies. The City of Marysville appreciates Governor Kasich’s charge to fund and encourage smart mobility improvements along the NW 33 Innovation Corridor and to other areas of the Buckeye State."

JR Rausch, Mayor, City of Marysville


"Governor Kasich’s commitment to smart infrastructure will benefit the entire State of Ohio and continue to advance our reputation as a world leader in transportation technology. The City of Dublin is proud to partner with the State of Ohio, Columbus, Marysville and Union County in establishing the Northwest 33 Corridor as the first smart mobility corridor in Ohio. This initiative will provide great benefits to residents and businesses alike as it improves traffic congestion, safety and traffic flow, and establishes Ohio as a leader in autonomous vehicle technology."

Greg Peterson, Mayor, City of Dublin


"We are very excited at the prospect of having a smart highways’ in Lake County. This state-of-the-art sites for innovation will not only help put Ohio on the map as a leader in transportation technology, but by expanding the network of smart highways Ohioans and businesses will have a safer, more efficient driving experience."

Jerry Cirino, Commissioner, Lake County Commission President


"The American Council of Engineering Companies of Ohio (ACEC Ohio) supports the efforts of Governor Kasich to improve and enhance the existing infrastructure in Ohio through this smart infrastructure initiative. This effort recognizes the need to provide sustainable long-term investment into the overall transportation needs of the state to maintain growth and economic viability."

Beth Easterday, President, American Council of Engineering Companies


"Thanks to the support of the State of Ohio… JobsOhio and The Ohio State University, the TRC SMART Center expansion provides the capabilities, facilities and support to enable the development of future automated vehicles."

Mark-Tami Hotta, CEO, TRC Inc.


"In my travels across the country, I have witnessed areas in the mountains where fog represents the hazard. Electronic signs post temporary and significant speed reduction. Fog and heavy snow have the same effect. Drivers lose their sense of speed as the surrounding landscape disappears. We need to employ new technology and strategies for the increased (traffic) volumes. Static signage or a patrol person in a cruiser cannot have the significant impact over a broad area that technology can provide."

Daniel Dunlap, Sheriff, Lake County


"The State of Ohio is a national leader in the development of drones and related technologies. This is largely due to the state's strategic investments in infrastructure, applied research and development, education and training, and commercialization made possible through bold vision and focused actions. Sinclair College's National UAS Training and Certification Center has achieved international recognition for success in these areas fueled by millions of dollars of State of Ohio investments. Sinclair deeply appreciates the Kasich Administration's leadership and continued support of drone integration and commercialization in Ohio."

Deb Norris, Senior Vice President, Sinclair College


"This is absolutely an outstanding move by the Governor and the State of Ohio. As the home of aerospace technology, the results of this effort will be a great addition to our tool kit in developing the next generation of drones and integrating them into our national airspace. This effort will also aid in demonstrating the effective use of drones in many applications such as engineering surveys, infrastructure inspection, natural resource management, industrial inspections and assisting in keeping our power distribution running smoothly."

Frank J. Beafore, Executive Director, Selecttech Geospatial


"Thank you to the Kasich Administration for investing in our aviation future and being national leaders when it comes to the development of unmanned aircrafts systems technology. The technology developed in Ohio will help improve safety measures from things like bridges inspections to roadway condition assessments by making the process more efficient."

David Gallagher, Chief of Staff, Ohio/indiana UAS Center




Last Updated: January 31, 2017