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Bond Sale Schedule / Calendar

State of Ohio Proposed Bond Sale Schedule

as of June 1, 2019 (Subject to Change)

Sale Date Issuer Purpose Par Amount Sale Method
Jun 11, 2019 OPFC Higher Education G.O. $300,000,000 Competitive
Jun 25, 2019 OWDA Drinking Water Assistance Fund $250,000,000 Negotiated
Jun 25, 2019 OHFA Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds $150,000,000 Negotiated
Jul 23-24, 2019 TOS Adult Correctional Facilities L.R. $100,000,000 T.B.D.
Aug/Sep 2019 OPFC Common Schools G.O. $300,000,000 T.B.D.
Third Frontier R&D G.O. $20,000,000
Oct 2019 OPFC Infrastructure Improvement G.O. $175,000,000 T.B.D.
Coal Development G.O. $12,000,000
Oct/Nov 2019 TOS Juvenile Corrections L.R. $33,000,000 T.B.D.
Nov/Dec 2019 OPFC Third Frontier R&D Taxable G.O. $100,000,000 T.B.D.


Questions should be directed to Kurt Kauffman, Office of Budget and Management, telephone (614) 466-0691, or e-mail at:



OHFA Ohio Housing Finance Agency
OPFC Ohio Public Facilities Commission
OTIC Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
OWDA Ohio Water Development Authority
PUST Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board
TOS Treasurer of State