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Operating Budget

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 - Executive Budget


Blue Book


Blue Book - Book One, Broken down into individual sections

  • Introduction - Governor's Letter (PDF)
  • Section A - Reader's Guide (PDF)
    • Introduction to the Executive Budget
    • Demographic Information
    • Glossary of Key Terms
    • Basis of Budgeting; Budget Calendar
    • The Budget Process; Funds of the State
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Guide to Reading the Budget Tables
    • State of Ohio Organization Chart

  • Section B - Economic Forecast (PDF)
    • Economic Overview and Forecast
    • Revenue Estimates and Methodology
    • Actual and Estimated Revenues

  • Section C - Budget Overview (PDF)
    • Revenue Summaries
    • Spending Summaries
    • Fund Balance Summaries
    • Capital Improvements & Long-Term Financing
    • State Personnel Summary

  • Section D - Individual Agencies
Select either the agency's name or three letter abbreviation to view individual budget recommendations





School Foundation Funding Estimates


MHIC Sales Tax Transition Aid


LGF Reform Distribution Calculations



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