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By sending the human resources department your resume and contact information, OBM will be able to notify you when a position becomes available. OBM may also notify you if there are similar openings within the agency that you may be qualified for.

By submitting your information here, you are not yet applying for a position. In order to be considered for an opening, applicants must apply through Careers.Ohio.Gov before the deadline.






Disclaimer: Information that you are submitting may be subject to Ohio Public Records Law. This means that the information could be subject to disclosure to the public, including the media, upon request. Please do not include any personal identifying information (for example, Social Security number, Drive's license number, etc).

By signing this statement, you acknowledge the Ohio Public Records Law, and that you have not knowingly falsified any related information.

Position(s) to be considered for:
Attorney 4
Bdget Management Analyst 2
Bdget Management Analyst 3
Bdget Management Analyst 4
Bdget Management Analyst 5
Business Process Analyst 2
Business Process Analyst 3
Business Tranformation Appication Manager
Business Transformation Analyst 2
Business Transformation Analyst
Clerk 2
Clerk 3
Electronic Design Specialist
Financial Reporting Accountiant 1
Financial Reporting Accountiant 2
Financial Reporting Accountiant 3
Financial Reporting Accountiant 4
Financial Reporting Accounting Administator
HCM Manager
Information Technology Project Manager 1
Information Technology Supervisor 3
Internal Audit Manager
Internal Auditor
Management Analyst
Network Administrator Supervisor
Program Administrator 2
Project Manager 1
Project Manager 3
Senior Business Transformation Analyst
Senior Business Transformation Analyst Coach
Senior HCM Analyst
Senior Internal Auditor
Shared Services Assosciate
Technoloygy based Training Developer
Training Officer
Training Supervisor