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EDI Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request new EDI suppliers?

In order to implement EDI both the state of Ohio and the supplier must agree on the terms of EDI. Things such of the following must be discussed:

What document types will be exchanged? Who will pay for these transfers? How will transactions be mapped? What form of communication will be used? Dates to begin.

The discussions are very technical in nature. It is not necessary for agency officials to understand all aspects of EDI. However, agency officials should contact suppliers to determine if they are interested in implementing EDI and who will be the primary contact for the EDI implementation. If an agency has a supplier who is interested in implementing EDI contact Greg Miller at (614) 338-4741 or with the supplier name, phone number, & OAKS supplier number.

How do I process an EDI invoice in OAKS?

EDI invoices are loaded to OAKS as a recycled voucher. These invoices have a default account code of 540000, which requires agencies to enter the correct account code and distribution information. The 'Processing EDI Vouchers' Document will show you how to locate a recycled voucher.

Processing EDI Vouchers (PDF)

How do I process an EDI credit?

EDI credit invoices are used for goods only. These invoices are used to correct previously sent invoices that are in error. EDI credit invoices are not used for utility suppliers. Utility suppliers will correct minor billing problems on subsequent bills.

How do I reference a Purchase Order on an EDI invoice in OAKS?

The document 'Referencing a PO on an EDI invoice' details the process.

Referencing a PO on an EDI invoice (PDF)

How do I add a new account for an EDI supplier?

Coordinate with the EDI supplier to be sure they have established your account so agencies may order from them. Once the account number has been assigned and established by the supplier. Please coordinate with your agency EDI administrator to obtain your appropriate Origin Code, and submit your request to Greg Miller at (614) 338-4741 or e-mail at

I have not received an expected EDI invoice?

First point of resolution is to call Greg Miller at (614) 338-4741 or e-mail at Greg will work with you to troubleshoot the problem. Several failures in the EDI loop can cause an invoice to be misdirected or lost. This does not happen often, however, it does occur. OBM has access to the appropriate systems to identify the problem and to determine an appropriate course of action.

How do I look up my account numbers and/or Origin Codes on the ECAC table?

The document 'EDI ECAC Query' details the process.