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Agency Financial Processing Services

The Agency Financial Processing Services section oversees OAKS revenue transactions, restores encumbrances through reversal vouchers, establishes approved Controlling Board requests in OAKS, reviews interstate transfers and personal service contract encumbrances, processes corrections to payroll journal entries, and oversees the annual state wide cost allocation plan (SWCAP) filing.


Financial Services Contacts

Agency Financial
Processing Services
Contact Information
Controlling Board Approved,
Appropriation & Allotment
Amber Pugh
Controlling Board Approved - Supplier Waivers Lewis Carter
Sara Russell
Bond Cash Transfer Requests Amber Griffith
Revenue Modifications OBM Revenue Deposits
Reversal Vouchers (restores encumbrance) OSS if voucher processed by OSS, all others e-mail
Requisitions - contract review and approvals,
Normal OAKS workflows to:
Sara Russell
Lewis Carter
PR Corrections to post current pay week - type "PAY" OBM Payroll Corrections
PR corrections for Prior pay periods, current- type "SPJ" OBM Journal and Spreadsheets
Petty Cash OBM Petty Cash
Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) Gary Palmer
All Other Melvin Striblin