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Payment Issuance

The Payment Issuance ensures all OAKS payments successfully process and are distributed to the appropriate person. Payment Issuance oversees the following:

  • Warrant Room
  • Cancellations and Voided Warrants
    • Bank returns and rejects
    • Bank recalls from agencies
    • Warrant cancellation and stop payment requests from agencies
  • Forgery Process
  • Banking Process
    • Fund transfer to bank
    • Reconcile cash sent to TOS/Bank
    • Sweep report to TOS

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OBM Warrant Room


The warrant room window is located just
past the front desk in the 34th floor lobby

Ohio Office of Budget and Management,
30 E. Broad Street, 34th Floor,
Columbus, OH 43215

Hours of Operation

Regular Hours and Payroll Wednesdays
Payroll only: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Contact information

Matt Scott

Payment Issuance Fax number: 614-485-1011