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Payment Card

Payment Card eLearning

To view payment card web-based trainings, log in to MyOhio and search ELM Catalog
(Browse Catalog > OAKS > Finanials)

  • PCard for Supervisors (FIN_SA_102)
    This course covers what an individual supervising payment card holders needs to know about reviewing and approving payment card purchases
  • PCard Holder Training FY2018 (FIN-SA-018)
    This training provides an overview of general use, policies and procedures for payment cardholders
  • Cardholder Refresher (FIN-SA-018)
    Web-based training that gives agencies an opportunity to track annual cardholder training (the content is the same as the regular cardholder training)
  • PCard for Administrators (FIN_SA_103)
    Web-based training that covers topics related to agency payment card administrator responsibilities


Click Here to view the "ELM Learner Basics" (PDF) for more information on finding and enrolling in webinars through OAKS ELM.

Click Here to go to the SAFE Payment Card Manual