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The CLOSE & ACHIEVE phase helps you bring the project to a successful end. This phase starts once the project's product is accepted and transferred to the support organization, or a decision is made to suspend or cancel the project.

During this phase:

  • Closing activities confirm custody of the project's products, deliverables, and documentation, including lessons learned for future reference.
  • The organizational change manager confirms that the people impacted by the change are demonstrating new behaviors and habits associated with the new processes.
  • The sponsor and project manager release the resources committed to the project, address remaining open items, and wind down the project in a way that minimizes risk in this final process phase of the project.
  • It provides the opportunity to assess the project and develop lessons learned and recommended practices to be applied to future projects.

The completion of CLOSE & ACHIEVE phase activities signifies the formal ending of all project work.

Key Participants: Sponsor, Project Manager, Organizational Change Manager, Steering Team. Stakeholder(s), and Process Owners.

Resources and Templates


  1. Review the Sponsor Checklist MONITOR and CONTROL, CLOSE and ACHIEVE.
  2. Review the Phase 5 CLOSE and ACHIEVE General Guidance to ensure familiarity with the process.
  3. Complete the documentation of Lessons Learned.
  4. Document potential future enhancements, or changes needed to bring expected future performance of the project.
  5. Archive all documentation in a secure, long-term repository of data, documents, configuration or other information. Follow the Project Closeout Documentation tool to ensure no key steps are omitted.
  6. Conduct CLOSE and ACHIEVE phase review.

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