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1 Sponsor Checklist PLAN (PDF) 2 Phase 2 PLAN General Guidance (PDF) 3 Lessons Learned Guidance (DOC) 3 Lessons Learned Recording Tool (DOC) 3 Lessons Learned Tool (AEC) (XLSX) 4 Market Research - 1. Defined (PDF) 4 Market Research - 2. Fundamental Practices (PDF) 4 Market Research - 3. Checklists and Sample Questions (PDF) 5 Acquisition Plan Template (DOC) 6 Implementation and Transition Plan Template (DOC) 7 Quality Management Plan Template (DOC) Read More... 1 VMO Topic Brief SLA SLO (PDF) Acceptance Criteria Toolkit (XLSX) Benefits Dependency Network Diagram Guidance (PDF) Benefits Dependency Network Diagram Tool (DOC) Benefits Register Toolkit (XLSX) Benefits Workbook Guidance (PDF) Change Control Management Plan (DOC) Change Request Form (DOC) Change Request Log Template (XLSX) Communication Matrix (AEC) (XLSX) CommunicationDraftingTemplate (AEC) (DOC) Conducting an Analysis of Alternatives (PDF) Contract Performance and Service Level Agreements. (PDF) Contractor Nonemployee Onboarding Checklist (DOC) Defining Deliverables (PDF) Determining Your Procurement Method-Guidance (DOC) Developing and Using Acceptance Criteria Guidance (PDF) Developing Process Maps Guidance (PDF) Evaluating RFP Responses, Recommended Practices for Maximizing Value, Part 1 (PDF) Evaluating RFP Responses, Recommended Practices for Maximizing Value, Part 2 (PDF) Key Message Worksheet (AEC) (DOC) Market Research and Alternatives Analysis Tips (NEW) (PDF) OCM Metrics (AEC) (XLSX) Quality Plan Guidance and Sample Questions (PDF) Readiness Progression Tool (AEC) (XLSX) Requirements 10 Best Practices (PDF) Resistance Management Worksheet (AEC) (XLSX) Sample Deliverable Review Process 2017 (DOC) Sample Readiness Survey Questions (AEC) (DOC) Training Needs Analysis Tool (AEC) (XLSX) Training Needs AssessmentTemplate (AEC) (XLSX) Training Plan Instructions (AEC) (DOC) Training Plan Template (AEC) (DOC) Writing Clear and Effective Statements of Work (PDF)
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